Monday, October 24, 2011

The Faces of Refugees

This weekend we housed a couple who are refugees from Nepal.  They now live in Clarkston, Ga and the Clarkston International Bible is ministering to them.  They came from intense persecution for their ethnicity and religion in Bhutan.  Most of the people visiting were Hindu but some were Christian but all were exiled to Nepal.  The UN set up 5 refugee centers around the world and 1 is in Clarkston, Ga.  They wanted to come and see what the fall colors look like.  Our church, Hendersonville First Baptist
has partnered with CIB and is ministering to the refugees as well.  We have taken mission trips to Georgia but this weekend they came to us.  We took them hiking and fed them.  They visited our church on Sunday morning and lives were changed(mainly the Americans).  Here are some pictures of these lovely people.  I hope you enjoy:
Binod and his newlywed wife Soraswati and my kids
Kirka, pastor


Hari, another pastor

Where we hiked

Teenage girls are the same everywhere

So are teenage boys

Loved the waterfalls
She is so pretty

The old generation and the new

Traditional Nepali dress

The lines on her face tell a story

In the center is Rose, who helped organize this
Traditional dress
The whole group
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