Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

What are you confessing today? There are some people who should confess all day long to cleanse themselves. For me, I will just confess all this stuff here. I confess that I spend a WHOLE lot of time on my knees confessing to the Lord Himself. These are what I choose to share with you. Hook up with Mamarazzi if you want to confess too!


I confess that Old Navy's commercial annoys the mess out of me. They rival Target for annoyability. If I didn't have a gift card, I wouldn't be shopping there.

I confess that I have let my bloggy friends down because I have not been on the internet much this week! Sorry, Gals!! Love you!

I confess that I need a pedicure. I noticed that when I doing yoga. My toes look horrendous. Oh well, that takes money and that is something I don't have! Donations are welcome!

I confess that I have begun to see myself as skinny. I realized this the other day when I saw my reflection in a window and didn't recognize myself. I am smaller than I think of myself as. Thank You, Lord, for letting me see myself as I really am and not just with my flaws.

I confess that I love being the 1st person on clean sheets. The cool, crisp feel of that fabric on my skin is something that is so close to Heaven. I don't do the sheets as much as I should but when I do , I get to bed 1st!

I confess that I felt so good that the kids were so excited to start school. I am their teacher and all so I am pleased that they like it so much. I have some smart students and they have a great teacher!

I confess that I am glad to have experienced Jehovah-Rophe, the God who heals. I have been healed both physically and spiritually. If you haven't been healed by the Lord, you have missed out! Ask me!

I confess that there is no sexier sight than to catch a glimpse of my hubby's hand with his wedding band on. Woo! It happened in church and I had to fan myself!

I confess that I love the show The Expedition. I also love the show You Don't Dixie. And the show, Take The Money and Run. We have a plan of where we hide the money and how we won't whine and how we love the south!

So there, WHEW! I am done! Have a great Friday!
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