Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take Notice Tuesday

I am putting an urgent plea to the Bloggy Nation about the shortage of donated blood in the US and possibly around the world. According to the American Red Cross, blood levels are at an all time low. They are especially in need of O- blood. All types are needed though. I am O+ and I have given over 2 gallons in my lifetime. I was glad that I had given when I found out that I had a massive bleed with my 4th pregnancy. They told me that I would need a transfusion during the surgery(read about it in The Day After the Last Day and The Last Day).
I needed 7 units of blood. If people hadn't donated to the Red Cross and the other blood banks, I would have died. So many people in this country need blood and platelets. Please, please donate. On the American Red Cross website, you can find places and times to donate. They are always going on around you. You can also find the requirements to see if you are eligible. It doesn't hurt and you only feel funny for a few minutes afterward. Both my husband and I are giving on Thursday at 3 pm. We are taking our children so that they can see the importance of this. This is only the 2nd time I have given since my surgery in 2007. I have neglected my duty to give back and will do better to give every 54 days.
Will you step to the challenge and save a life? 1 unit of your blood can save up to 3 lives. What if your child needed blood? Wouldn't you wish you had given?
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