Thursday, June 2, 2011

Transparent Thursday

Shhhhhhh.......don't tell anyone but I have some secrets. I know that you do to I will share mine if your share yours. Well, I will share mine anyway cause that is what I do. So here we go....

I confess that I love Southern accents. I think they are charming and remind me of home. I am bugged by the fact almost all Southerners on TV and in movies are portrayed as stupid or slow. I am proud of the way I talk and since I live in the South don't tell me that I have an accent. You have the accent! If I come to the north, then I will have the accent.

I confess that I am anti back fat. Some people are just "blessed" with extra girth back there. It should not hang over the top of your shirt or bra. If it does, then it is too tight. This does apply to the muffin top as well. Men, if you have breasts on your backs, then you need to lose weight. Harsh? Well, sorry!

I confess that I worked out so hard that I split my underpants. What can you say about that? Never happened to me before!

I confess that I am a bad mom! One....someone left the fridge open all night. The stuff was warm but we used it anyway. No one is dead yet and I didn't lose any money. Two....some days I just want to turn in my apron(I don't ever remember to wear). My kids argue and fight and some days I just want to turn it in! Make the whining stop!

I confess that poor spelling is a pet peeve of mine. I was a spelling bee champ for many years and so I expect that out of everyone. If you use a computer, make use of the spell check option. The little red squiggly line under the word tells you that something is wrong and then gives you options to fix it.

How are you feeling about all of that? Too much? Well, what is your confession?
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