Thursday, April 28, 2011

Transparent Thursday is a secret!

Krista from Clap, Slap, & Run has a couple of confessions:
1st she is digging Transparent Thursdays on my blog &
2nd she tightens her abs when she brushes her teeth! I may have to try that as well!
3rd she loves Peeps more than I do! She has Peeps pens! No fair!

Dweej from House Unseen, Life Unscripted confesses that she needs some time away from the kids. The thought moves her to tears! Everyone needs a break, right?

Karen at Strictly Simple Style says that she used to do the happy dance when the kids' sporting events were cancelled! Dance away!

My confessions:
I am a little envious of Karen's sense of style. I need you to come here and design my bathroom that is almost finished!

I am behind on my quiet time! I am supposed to be on week 3 in One in a Million but I am on Week 2, day 1. This week has been hectic with the funeral and traveling!

I uttered the words, "WOW! This gas is cheap!" It was $3.55. That is not cheap!

I like the show Extreme Couponing. It makes be feel like a failure! I don't know how they get $600 for $6. I bought $170 for $105 yesterday but cannot whittle it down any farther! What gives?

I am not impressed with any politicians. Stop being stupid! You are ruining our country and selling to the highest bidder(China) like a cheap hooker! Our kids will be slaves to the Chinese.

All right, now 'fess up! Let's hear what you have to say!
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