Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The Groom takes His place at the altar. The trumpet sounds and the music begins. The Groom turns and scans the room for His Bride. The doors burst open and there she stands! There are gasps from those in attendance and the Groom gazes on His Lovely with tears in His eyes. This has what He has been waiting on for eternity! Her dress is whiter than snow and fits Her like a glove. It was made for Her with exact specifications from Her Father. The veil covers Her long, glorious locks and a face that reflects the adoring look from Her Groom. Her eyes shimmer with unshed tears and She shakes with anticipation! She, too, has been waiting for a long time.

She makes her way down the aisle! They seem to be breathing in unison. The attendants know the Sacrifice which was given for the Bride. This cost the Groom His very life! He gave it willingly! He loves His Bride to the very core of His being!

This is not just a fairy tale! This is reality! Jesus Christ sacrificed His very life so that we could go to Heaven! In Revelation and Ephesians, God references the Bride of Christ as the body of believers. We are His Bride and there will be a wedding when the Groom comes to get us! Our dowry has been paid! Our dress has been fitted! The flowers are ordered! The heavenly caterer has prepared a feast in our Honor! The Holy Spirit is waiting to escort us down the aisle and to give us to our Groom! God will perform the ceremony! We will be wed in such splendor as has never been seen!

Are you ready? Have you gotten your shoes? Have you picked out your accessories? The Groom is coming! You must be prepared! To be a part of this wedding, the feast, and the honeymoon, you must have given your life over to Christ! You must acknowledge His sacrifice that covers your sin(yes, we all sin). You must let Him take control of your life! He wants you! You, yes, you!!!! All your goods and your bads! Your ups and your downs! You uglies and your pretties! All of you! So people get ready, Jesus is coming!
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