Monday, October 4, 2010

Radio Free Asheville

Today, I am extolling the wonders of Christian radio. What has it done for me? What has it done for my family? I can't possibly mention everything but I will give it all I can!
First off, when I became a Christian 11 years ago, I needed to infuse my brain with the truth and begin to let God wipe away the grime and grit of the world. Christian music did that for me! I was able to sing my praise to the Lord before I even knew what that meant. I still remember the 1st song I ever heard. It was by a group called FFH and the name of the song is "One of these days". It is still my favorite song! I can't wait to "see my Savior face to face, one of these days."
Then, when my life seemingly fell apart and I was admitted to the hospital with a bleeding condition and waiting to possibly die when I had my child, on 106.9 the Light, I heard a song called "One Touch" by Nicole C. Mullen. I gained encouragement knowing that with 1 touch, God could heal my heart, my fears, and my body. He could save my baby and me. I called 106.9 one morning and spoke to Matt & Carol about the station and how they gave me peace during the night. I couldn't sleep! The shadows were long and the noises were loud in the hospital corridors. I turned 106.9 the Light on and the light from the computer kept the shadows back and the music on the Light kept my mind distracted from the noises that surrounded me.
The Light didn't just pray for me from afar. Betty from the station showed up that same day and brought me some reading material and CDs. She called or emailed at least once a week. When I survived my ordeal, Matt & Carol had me call back on the morning show to update the world on what God had done for us!
I am thankful to God for Christian radio and especially for 106.9 the Light. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and support them when I can! I find so much joy in hearing my children sing songs that have Christ affirming messages in them! May God richly bless you!
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