Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy times Call for Crazy Measures

What does a mom do when her hair is on fire and the kids are running circles around the living room and life seems to be blazing by at the speed of light? GET SICK!!!! Yes, that is the last thing I needed last week! We had doctor's appointments, baseball games, home school, work, in-laws visiting, AWANA, and tons of other things to do. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up on Thursday morning and life began spewing at me, literally!!! I couldn't believe how sick I became so quickly. I got a shower and prayed and did my devotion. I fed all the kids and went in the bathroom and blahhhhhhh! What have I done to deserve this? I haven't yelled at my kids. I painted my Sunday school class with 15 15 year olds. I have practically been a saint! Did I mention that the washing machine broke?
How did I handle the situation? My sweet hubby was out of town working. I was home ALONE with 4 kids and my upset tummy. Diplomatically, I put my 8 YO DD in charge and told the others to listen to her. Then, I went back to the bathroom. I don't know how she did it but the kids were quiet and obedient! I passed out face first on the floor and panicked a little so I didn't stay that way long. I crawled to the bed and passed out on the bed. I was so dehydrated and miserable. The next thing I knew, I heard my DD calling her dad and telling him that she couldn't wake me up and what was she supposed to do. I lifted my head and told her that I was awake. The relief in her eyes was evident. I think she thought I might be dead and she wasn't far from the truth! Death would've been welcome at that point! I could hardly move!!!
Well, it turns out that I had food poisoning and no one else got sick! That is a praise to our Lord. I poisoned myself by leaving pasta sitting out too long and then reheating it! My advice: don't do that!!!! It leads down a miserable path. My DD handled herself with such maturity. She took care of everyone, bringing me drinks and wiping bottoms, fixing lunch, and making me get well cards. What a great daughter I have raised!
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