Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It happened on the way to your table

I love my job. Yes, I know, I wait tables. It is a menial job but without servers you wouldn't be able to go into a restaurant and order food. As a server, I have seen and heard just about everything and very rarely does anything shock me. However, the other night, I approached my table several minutes after greeting them when they sat down. They need some more time and so I left and came back. Upon arriving at the table, I asked, "Have you all made any decisions?"
The reply was this, "Yes, we decided that hate all Republicans and conservatives and that should one of them come up to us, they should just turn and walk away."
I grinned and turned and walked away. I came back a few minutes later and asked, "Have you decided what you would like to eat?"
The reply was this, "I bet you are one of those Southern Baptist, ultra religious Christians, aren't you?"
I stated that I am a Christian and I didn't see how that made a difference in what they were eating for supper. He said that he was an atheist and that the only reason I was conservative was that I was Christian. I told him no that I don't like the government handling my money or putting their nose into my business. I want the smallest amount of interference possible. That is what makes me conservative. I proceeded to tell him that my mother taught me that it was impolite to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table and that he had violated both of her statutes. I took their order and walked away, laughing and fuming at the same time.
This man assumed that I was stupid because I wasn't a Democrat and that I used my religion as a crutch. I can't possibly have a good idea in my head because I am dumb enough to believe in a God that I can't see. I also got the distinct feeling that the fact that I was born south of the Mason Dixon line that that made me ignorant as well. He was from Brooklyn. He made a lot of asinine assumptions during the course of dinner cause bless his heart he just couldn't shut that pie hole of his. He assumed that all conservatives are Christians. He assumed that all Democrats aren't. He assumed that his accent was better than mine although he lives in my state. He assumed that I hated atheists.
He did tell me that he was Jewish and that he was happy that the Christians were supportive of Israel because we need the state of Israel so the we can have our "little rapture"(his words). He said that he liked living around Christians because we make our environment and community a better place to live and that we are generous to a fault. But he told me that Jesus, though a Jew, didn't believe in the Yahweh of the Jewish Bible. I shared with him why Jesus was who he said he was and about the prophecies that He fulfilled. He just shook his head in pity and rose to leave. As he left and warned me that next time he came to eat that he was going to ask for me, I began to pray for him and his family. I prayed that God would speak to him and let the truth that I spoke to the table sink in. He is the reason that Jesus came and died and rose again. God loves him just as much as He loves me. I have to remember that!
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