Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Sponge

I was cleaning my window sills the other day to get them ready to paint. I was using a kitchen scrubber that has a green scouring pad on one side and a yellow soft sponge on the other. My house was built in the late 60s and I don’t think the windows have been cleaned since they were installed. As I began to scrub with the harsher side to get the really crummy stuff off, I thought about how life is like this. If we live a long time with letting Christ clean us up, then sometimes God has to use His green scrubby thing to get all the junk off of our spirits and souls. There is mold and caked on dirt. Sometimes, the paint is peeling and must be scraped off. We have so dirtied our lives and are so disobedient that God must use harsher things to get our attention and make us clean. However, once the stuff that has been embedded have been brought to the surface, God turns the sponge over and uses the softer side to gently take away the dirt and make things sparkle. Like my window sills, I used the softer side of the sponge and wiped away the dirt that I had scrubbed up. I rinsed the sponge and used it to polish the sills. That is what God is doing. He uses His gentle Word to wipe off the residual dirt and make us clean and ready for Him to begin painting on our bare canvas. God’s masterpiece is more beautiful than the old dirt, mold, and flaky paint! What is God painting on your soul? Are you dipping your spirit & soul back into the dirty water thus messing up His artwork? Let the God of the universe make you clean!
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