Thursday, October 1, 2009

The door shuts behind her with an echo and she turns to face what she knows will be an unpleasant experience, to say the least. She is led down a hallway that seems to go on forever. The smell is powerful: antiseptic, body fluids, and fear. She wants to turn back and run out the door but they won’t let her and so, she must continue. They place her in a chair and then leave her. She begins to take notice of her surroundings. Plastic covers everything and there is an instrument tray just in front of her with all sorts of torture devices. Her chest heaves with rapid, heavy breaths, in, out, in out. She is beginning to feel the same fear that she smelled in the air.
She waits what seems like hours but is essentially only minutes. The chair, also covered in plastic, in which she is resting is put into a reclining position, though she doesn’t think that she’ll get much rest. Suddenly, a face comes into her line of sight. She can see a mask covering most of the face and safety glasses covering the eyes. She looks prepared for battle. She is wearing a paper/plastic cloak over her clothes so as not to ruin her outfit. The masked woman shoves something into the mouth of her victim to keep the mouth open. The woman in the chair thinks she can hold out through anything except mouth issues. She may talk before this is over. But, she strengthens her resolve to hold out as long as possible. She notices a light over her head. It is encased in a plastic covering and is intensely bright. The masked woman nods to someone out of view and moves to the other side of the chair. Another masked face appears and says that he will fix this and they will get what they need. He has the same things on his face that the other woman does and a cap covering his hair. There are no distinguishing features with which the woman can identify him. He is covered from head to toe for his safety. He, then, picks up one of the instruments and shoves a wedge between her front teeth. That was unpleasant for her so far but not unbearable. Maybe she can do this! Then, the mini Dremel starts up. The noise alone strikes fear into her heart. He goes in and begins to grind her teeth. She’ll talk, she’ll talk! He says for her to wait until he is finished. Now, he brings a thing with a hook on it. She can stand it no more and succumbs to the fear and passes out. He’ll get nothing from her now. When she wakes up, she wonders if she has talked in her sleep. They escort her out saying that they got everything they needed. What has she done?
As she is going out the front, she can’t believe that they are actually letting her leave. Scot free! Then, she hears the 8 worst words of torture that anyone can hear, “Mrs. Edgerton, don’t forget to pay your bill.” AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
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