Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Antichrist

I am reading Joel Rosenberg's series of fiction books. I so enjoy the way he brings the Bible and current events together. He has a real gift. One thing that was mentioned almost in passing between 2 characters was that there is an antichrist in each generation. Jesus, Himself, says in Matthew 24:36 and in Mark 13:32 that no one, not even Him, knows the hour of the Second Coming. She makes the connection that Satan is included in that, as well. He can't know because he is not omnipotent nor is he omnipresent. He doesn't know because he is not in God's loop nor is he God's BFF. He has been preparing since Christ ascended 2000 years ago. Rosenberg believes that Satan always has an anti-Christ waiting in the wings ready to be possessed at any moment. I find this whole thing fascinating. Maybe that is the reason we have had some nasty dictators in the past i.e. Nero, Hitler, & Mussolini. To be a party to some of the things that these men did is beyond fathomable. None of us can imagine murdering millions of people but it became a consuming fire in the souls of these men. I am not an expert on Roman dictators so I won't pretend to be. However, I am fairly sure that Scripture is clear on the nationality of the Anti-Christ, he is supposed to be a descendant of the original Roman nation. Wonder who the one is today? Unlike Jesus, he is supposed to be handsome and popular with the masses and extremely charismatic. Jesus was not handsome according to Scripture. People weren't supposed to be attracted to Jesus, physically, but attracted to the message that He came to earth to give. I can't see who it is but when the time comes, the masses will be mesmerized by his "power". I hope the Rapture happens before that. People are so infatuated with the latest star or political figure. Imagine what they will be like when someone like this is supernaturally lifted up! Good news, Barack Obama, you are not the AC!
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