Monday, July 6, 2009

My letter to Heath Shuler

Dear Rep. Heath Shuler,

I called your office last Wednesday July 1, 2009 to ask a question about the Waxman bill(cap and trade). Ryan Fitzpatrick answered the phone. I asked him if you had indeed read the bill from start to finish. At this point, he got very defensive and I had only asked 1 question. He told me that radio talk show hacks didn’t need to call in. First off, I am not a radio talk show hack and I am extremely offended by his comment. The question required a simple answer: yes or no. The answer I finally got (in a condescending tone of voice) was that I just didn’t understand how complicated these things can be and that no one person could read an entire bill all the way through. I am college educated and I read a lot. I tried to read part of this bill and as soon as my eyeballs quit bleeding, I called your office. Ryan, then, proceeded to tell me that you have a non-partisan committee that reads the bill and staffers that read it and that you skim it. But for the most part you depend on them to tell you what is in it. Now, I have never signed a bill into law but I have signed a contract for my home loan and I didn’t do so without reading every word. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to do something like that. I told Ryan that it is like you have a book report due and instead of reading the book yourself, you have someone read it while you skim the chapter headings and then they tell you what the book is about. You, then, write the book report without knowing what you are talking about. I am offended that you would be so nonchalant with MY tax dollars. I had called the week before the bill and asked how you were going to vote. I was told (as was my neighbor) that you would vote how your constituents wanted you to. We were told that the calls were coming at 9 to 1 in opposition. Sounds like you lied or, excuse me, mislead your constituents.
I am angry with you about the voting but more than that I am angry at the way I was treated by your staff(Ryan). I would not accept that tone of voice or belittling from anyone else and I won’t accept it from you or your staff. I demand an apology from Ryan and from you. This letter is going to any and all who will listen, newspapers, TV channels, websites, and friends and family. If you won’t listen to the people FOR WHOM YOU WORK, then I will do everything in my power to see that you are reelected in the next term. Because, you do work for me and the rest of the tax payers, PERIOD!!!!! I expect when I call that I get common courtesy from the person who answers the phone. I spoke to him in a respectful manner and require the same thing in return.

Very sincerely,
Sarita Edgerton
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