Friday, July 10, 2009

Boo Boos

My kids are enthralled with Band Aids. They want to put them on everything, even bruises! They love to come to me and get one so that I can put it on and kiss it. If I am being perfectly honest, I love it, too. Isabela, who is almost 7(Sunday), doesn't come to me quite as often anymore. She doesn't always tell me of her hurts and is starting to keep things more inside. I know that this is normal but I am saddened that she doesn't need me as much.
In Bible study, this week, Angela Thomas quoted the scripture: "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3. That got me thinking. Yes, God will heal our hurts and put Band Aids on our boo boos. He wants to. It is what daddies do for their kids. But, when we don't come to Him with our hurts, He can't heal them. Some of our wounds look only like surface wounds, when, in all actuality, they are all the way to the bone and in need of stitches(God is the Great Physician). If left alone, because we can handle it or we don't need God anymore, they will get infected and fester. Gangrene will set in and eventually, we must come to Him. How much better would life be if we had just put the holy Neosporin on it at the beginning and avoided all of the pain that came later? I had a wound that festered for years. My life got so infected by the poison it emitted that I couldn't enjoy my life. As a matter of fact, I thought that life wasn't worth living and wanted to end it. I tried everything in my power to end my year old marriage. Why? Why did I allow myself to suffer this way? Because, I could do it myself and I didn't need any help. I was dead wrong!! When I came to Abba Father, I found a safe place and a sense or worth that I had never known in my entire life. He began to put salve on my wounds and bandage the open sores. Over time, they began to heal. The salve was scripture and the bandages were His love. My marriage was saved, my broken heart was put back together, and my damaged psyche was on the road to normalcy. As the Bible says, He is still working in me until the second I take my last breath but on the whole I am so much better and healthier than I was. Man, I wish I could've avoided all the heartache by going to God first! Do you have boo boos? What state are they in? Brand new? Infected? Gangrene? Amputation? The Abba Father and the Great Physician is waiting to fix you!!!!
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