Sunday, July 19, 2009

Change 2.0

So, I got to thinking about my last post and I realized what the resistance is to believing in Jesus. Not that He changes, but the He changes you. I think that some people are just happy being who they are and living the way that they do and they don't see the need for changing the way that their lives are going. What most people don't realize is that life without Christ is like eating the top layer only. I love 7 layer Mexican dip. If I stopped at the 1st layer, then I would only experience 1 flavor. But, I keep delving into the dish, then I get to taste all the wonderful flavors that make up the dish. In order to reach the fullness of a life in Christ, you must keep delving into the different layers. Once you get past the 1st layer and experience the deliciousness of freedom in Christ, you have a hard time going back to the way that life was like before you met Christ. This is a process that goes on through out your whole Christian life. Each time you die to your sinful nature and each trial you endure makes you a richer(not monetarily), more complete, more beautiful person.
Being close to Jesus changes you!! I can attest to this personally. So many things that I used to do, I quit very quickly after I asked Jesus to cleanse me. He began to create in me a pure heart. In this case, a change will do you good!
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