Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, we took all of our kids hiking. We had a 17 month old in the hiking backpack, a 3 YO, a 4 1/2 YO, and a 7 YO walking. We get up at 6:15 and go up to Dupont Forest. Our plan was to hike up to High Falls and then back down to Hooker Falls, where we parked and go swimming. The day was great! Everyone was enjoying the outing, even AJay who didn't hardly peep on Michael's back. He did, however, almost break his neck trying to watch the horses go off. He was fascinated! I was so impressed by all the kids' stamina and, of course, mine and Michael's. We have never done anything like this. As a matter of fact, we hardly go out to eat because too much work is involved! Michael and I are usually exhausted by it!
We saw some people from church and met some people from Savannah. We met a family with more kids than we have. God bless them! We saw the largest grasshopper ever. It's wings were like leaves! Amazing! The falls were so beautiful! We got to tell the kids about how creative God is. When He made the earth, His finger carved out those rocks and His mind created all those colors and sounds. What a great learning experience!
At the end, we were heading down to go swimming and Michael says that he wanted to take a different way down. So, we follow him. The trail starts off great and there are so many things to see. As we head down the trail, it gets narrower and a little more dicey. Then, it gets steeper and more treacherous. The kids begin to whine(and so does Mommy). AJay is getting slapped in the face by branches and is crying. Finally, the path becomes very steep and almost impassible but we can't turn back and we must go forward. Turning back would require too much work and too much time. We finally get to the end with just a few scratches and a few bruised bums.
Michael and I got to talking. He was so sorry for getting us on the wrong trail but what an adventure. Then, we began to relate how that trail is a lot like temptation and sin. The temptation doesn't look too bad so we head down the trail. As we give into the trail, we notice how the trail doesn't look as great as it did before. Then, the sin becomes ugly and steep and treacherous. We are no longer having as much fun as we were. We want to turn back, our instincts tell us to but it would require too much work and too much time. So, we go forward. The way becomes impassible and we get snared by vines of deceit and the roots of darkness. Finally, we come to our senses and then we step into the light of the trail or the path that God had originally set before you. Maybe we come through with minor scrapes and bruises but often, we have crashed down the trail on our backsides getting slapped in the face by briars. Sometimes, we take our friends and family with us or sometimes they are the ones getting bumped and bruised by our actions(think of the alcoholic or murderer).
Sometimes, we wander around the forest knowing we need a trail guide but are too prideful to ask. We can't get past our own independence. I was so glad to get off that side trail that I could've kissed the ground! Are you on the right path?
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