Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have written some light posts recently and needed the vacation from the headlines but now back to serious business. I have been reading the news bits and have been very concerned. BO is doing some scary things and this world seems to be off its axis. BO took over the banks, GM, and Chrysler. One thing I read this morning said that he is putting in place the legislation to allow the government to seize companies and industries that can't afford to fail. He is using tax payer money for an infomercial on ABC touting universal health care. He won't take a position on the Iran unrest. China and Russia are no longer using the US dollar to trade with each other but using their own currency. China is selling our bonds to warn us on the bleeding spending that we are doing. North Korea is nuclear or at least very close and the leader is very unstable. We have billions in "aid" money that is unaccounted for. BO is extending benefits to same sex partners from the Federal Budget.
So, what does all this mean? I don't know but I can see that there is a pattern. The US is on the decline. Our fearless leader has no respect for the American public or the majority opinion. He does not represent us or our Judeo-Christian values. We don't have the money to be extending benefits to same sex partners or to just leave TARP money lying around. As a matter of fact, we need to reduce benefits for our Senators and Congressmen. Our people are suffering with no jobs and no benefits so why shouldn't they feel any pain? They should have to have other jobs. That job should be part time. Do we really have the $1.6 trillion dollars to extend on universal health care? I am uninsured and I don't want them. I am in the statistic that they always tout. No government interference!!!! China is afraid of our ultimate collapse so they are not going to support us anymore. It is coming!
Warning...religious zealot alert!!!! Anyone notice that the US is not mentioned anywhere in the end times stuff in the Bible? Russia and China and Europe and, of course, Israel, all are. No large power in the west is mentioned. Most Biblical scholars agree that America is no longer a super power or at least not a friend of Israel any longer. Well, since we are on the decline, doesn't it fit in nicely?
I am no Biblical scholar but I am a thinker! Only the Lord knows the time He is coming back. I have had to start putting my anxiety about the way we are going in His hands and trust that He knows what is going to happen.
What can we do? I have started a letter writing campaign. Once per week, I am writing my Senators, Congressmen, and President. I will continue to do this until something changes or they are overthrown(in the election, of course). I would run for office but the Lord hasn't called me to it yet and my past, I know, would be used against me. After seeing what they did to Sarah Palin and her family, they would try to destroy me. I can't see dragging my family through that. Though, if the Lord calls, then I will run. I am praying every day for God's Hand to stay the evil from our country and for our leaders to have more wisdom than what they are, currently, showing. I want my country back. We the people are the largest lobbying group and we can take it back. I am trying to begin a revolt locally with people elected in our county. I want more responsible officials here and then in the state government. The squeaky wheel, most often, gets the oil so my voice will begin to be louder. Listen, or we will remove you from office and reset our government. I love my country and want us to thrive and to do that sometimes we need to reset. During the winter I cut my rose bush down to the ground so that in the spring and summer it comes back healthy and full. It is now winter for America and we need to cut back. No one is too big to fail. Who has that kind of ego? Failure is what makes us great. We should strive not to make the same mistakes again. Our Articles of Confederation were a failure and that led us to the Constitution. Thomas Edison failed so many times but that led us to the light bulb(oh yeah, bad for the planet). I failed so many times but that is what has made me stronger and more determined not to go down that road again. When a human breaks a bone, after it heals properly, the place where the break was becomes stronger than the bone was originally. Let America do what it does best. Learn to rely on each other and not our government. Come together like we have done in the past and let the states decide what is best for them. Boy, this is sounding more and more like a political speech so I am going to quit now! Lord, I pray that you bless this country or come quickly!
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