Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J & K + 8

All right, I gave in a watched my DVR version of "Jon & Kate + 8" last night. I have only watched the show a handful of times over the course of its run but I couldn't resist the pending announcement I mainly turn it on to feel better about the chaos in my own home. Everyone knows I have only half of theirs but I feel less overwhelmed by watching them and their noise. Last night was almost painful to watch. You could almost feel the tension between J & K. When they were on the lawn with the kids, their anger was palpable. When they were doing the one on one interviews, you could feel it almost come through the screen. One thing I have noticed when I watch the show is the fact that for about 85% of the time, they are always focusing on the kids. Everything is all about the kids. Last night, she said that this house was the kids and that it was built for the kids so it will remain the kids. The marriage was neglected over the years that they had the kids. I am not judging them because I can't even imagine what having that many kids would be like. I do know that for our family, Michael and I come first, then the kids, then the world. We believe that God is the foundation and the husband and the wife are cornerstone. Without these 2 parts, the house will have a hard time standing. On the show, the cornerstone was allowed to crumble and now the family is is ruins.
Now, I realize that they are both to blame and what I am about to say will rub some people raw but so be it. You have been warned! Kate was always demeaning him and not building him up. She seemed to be controlling and nagging. Jon seemed to be aloof and withdrawn. Maybe she thought she had to nag to get his attention but all that seemed to do is drive him away. There is no excuse for the infidelity or the backbiting! If she had spent more time edifying him and not putting him down in front of millions of Americans, would this be happening? Who knows? What I do know is the kids will suffer. They have known no other life than one that has a camera pointed at them all the time. They have that now but not a set of parents in the same home. Cameras and paparazzi are no substitute for mommies and daddies. I don't know how any 1 parent could handle that many kids on his/her own. My heart breaks the most for the children! Lord, protect them from all of this heart ache and wrap Your arms around them.
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