Sunday, May 17, 2009


I don't usually talk about weight in the middle of the month but a couple things prompted it. First, I went to see my doc for a physical and I was telling him that I couldn't lose the weight despite the fact that I was eating only about 1000 calories a day and running. He seemed pretty happy with my weight in light of everything I went through last year. He said that he hadn't expected to see me lose so much weight yet. I was happy to have surprised him but you all know that I am not happy with how much I weigh. He told me to eat more but not too much and to increase my exercise. So, Dr.J that is what I am going to do. I have been running intervals. If you aren't familiar with that, I'll explain. I walk 1 lap on my road and then I sprint for 400m(I guesstimate) then I walk for 200m(again guessing) then I sprint then I walk. I do this for 2 miles. This is supposed to help speed up a lagging metabolism. I am going to, also, eat about 1200 calories. I am going to investigate which kind of I am going to do. I believe this depends on your body. I am waiting for Jillian Michaels(Biggest Loser) to come to my home via her book and tell me. I do know that 1000 calories puts your body into starvation mode so it holds on to fat. I was just not eating enough!
The other thing that fueled this was that after seeing my doc I went bathing suit shopping! What a nightmare! I ended up buying the old lady suit that I told myself in my 20s I would never buy. Two of the worst things a woman can go through in 1 one day. Gynecologist then swimsuit shopping. All I needed to add to it was a root canal to have the perfect trifecta! LOL!
No more weight talk until the end of the month when I hope to have something great to report! I saw 2 friends today at church and they had both lost 39-45 pounds! Hats off! I hope to be there soon!
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