Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clean up, clean up

I have these magnetic letters that stick to my fridge and if you stick them into a device, it sings a song: "the A says ah, the A says ah, every letter makes a sound, the A says ah." I love it and the kids learn their alphabet from them. However, most of the letters end up on my floor courtesy of my infant. After, the 25th time that I pick them up and put them back on the fridge, I start to get pretty upset. As I fuss at my kids, I begin to think: "How many times does God do this for me?" He picks up the messes that I make and puts them back in their proper place. Does He ever yell or fuss at me? No, not my God. I believe that He thinks, "well, one day, she'll learn." With some messes, I do. But, with some, I just keep scattering the magnets across the floor with no intention of picking them up. Several characters in the Bible had magnet problems of their own. Abraham kept lying. Jacob kept deceiving his father. Peter kept denying. Judas kept betraying. Israel kept forgetting. I am going to strive to clean up my messes but I am probably going keep....... Are you going to keep.....?
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