Monday, February 2, 2009

1 year later!

This is from 1 year ago today and later this week! I can't believe that we have been 1 year out! That is crazy!

posted by Sarita Edgerton, Saturday, 2/2/08, 5:45 PM
Well, with just mere days until our precious baby is born and my impending surgery, I wanted to tell you all how much you have meant to me. Your visits, cards, food, and prayer have been a boon to my heart. Please, continue to pray for my doctors, Cobb, Pestoff, and Blair Harkness. Pray to give each wisdom for what he/she is responsible. Ask for God to guide their hands as they work on my insides and that nothing is left behind that doesn't belong. Pray as well for the NICU doctors and how they treat AJay. We also ask that you pray that he doesn't have to stay any longer than I do. Please also, pray for Michael as he will have a baby in ICU and a wife in ICU. He may not be available to talk by phone but know that he appreciates the prayers.
On the day of the surgery, my friend, Cheryl, will send out an update via this site when AJay is born and then when I come out of surgery. As soon as she knows something she will put it over the computer. My surgery could take a while so don't panic if you haven't heard anything by supper. Information just takes time to get out. If all goes well, I hope to leave the hospital on or around 2/12 and be home for Valentine's and my birthday (2/22). It'll be romantic just to sleep beside my precious husband for the first time in 80 days. All about perspective, huh? I can't tell you how excited I am to know that I am so close to going home and hearing the noise of my children, sleeping in my own bed, taking a shower in my own shower, and eating food that doesn't come on a tray from a downstairs utilitarian kitchen.
I have realized here how blessed I am. I am getting to be a part of what God is doing and truly experiencing a miracle. A girl was checked in this week in a room near me. She broke her waters at 23 weeks and 4 days (same as me). 2 days later her baby went home to be with the Lord. My heart was broken for her. I was praying for the miracle for her that God had given me. However, it was not to be. I am really appreciating every movement and every hiccup as this will my very last time to ever feel that in my life. After Thursday, I will never be able to feel what it is like to be pregnant again. I am not sad just grateful that God chose me to be the mom to these 4 beautiful, precious children. Now, that is what I call being "pro-choice". Thanks God allowing me experience the miracle that is child birth.

posted by Cheryl Barrington, Thursday, 2/7/08, 1:57 PM
Sarita has made it through surgery!!!! God is sooo good!! The doctor told Michael that the percreta had not been as invasive as they thought. She still had to have three units of blood during surgery and is getting one now in ICU. Her bladder however seems to be in tact!! Praise God! She will be in ICU through the night and hopefully get a room in the AM. However, she has just had major please wait until Saturday to try calling. Also, please call Michael before making any visits, to see if she is able to handle that yet! When I get any more information I will post it again! Thanks for all your prayers!!!
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