Friday, January 30, 2009

End of Month Update

I wanted to update everyone. I know in December, I posted my weight and BMI results so I thought that I would update them on Jan 30. Today, I weigh 164 and my BMI is 26.43. Not much weight loss I know, however, we spent 6 days in the hospital with our youngest boy. He is doing well and thanks for the many emails and contacts that I got about him. Hospital food leaves much to be desired so we either ate fast food or ate late depending on which shift we took. There is just no making up those calories. Before we went in, I had lost about 3 pounds. My goal, for February, is to lose 3.5 lbs. That is going to be hard. My birthday is in February and my hubby always makes me a homemade German chocolate cake. I am going to run several days in advance in order to be able to eat it.
Does anyone else struggle with food? I never used to have a problem with it. But now, I just crave icky yucky things like Fritos, candy, chips. Why is that? A girl at work who is doing Weight Watchers helps to keep me accountable. WE talk about why food all of a sudden has this strange appeal especially pizza. Waiting tables in an Italian restaurant is so hard. The food is great but as we all know Italian is not great for you. I try to be good so, this morning I woke up extra early and met God on my street. I am going to try and do that as many times as I can per week. If you are struggling to lose weight and get in shape, then let me know. You can send me an email or comment below about what is working for you. Let's stop being a statistic and start being healthy. I hope that this finds you well and sticking to your resolutions. Hee Hee!
BTW, if you are looking for something to do with your sweetie on Valentine's Day, yes it is coming. The restaurant where I work is offering a special. It will run from 02/09-02-/14. 1 Appetizer, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts for $30. This does not include drink or tip. Mezzaluna Pizzeria and Tap Room has 50 beers on tap and a good wine list. Hope to see you there! It is located on Main St. downtown Hendersonville, between Tempo music and Black Rose. The food is awesome! And of course the service is fantastic(I wait tables).LOL!
Next update 02/28!!!!!!!!
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