Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sancitity of Life

If you have read my blog, then you know how I feel about the sanctity of every human life no matter the terms of conception, condition of the baby, projected quality of life, value to society, or convenience to the mother. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital with my baby, who wasn't supposed to be or I would have written this on Thursday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. So, just to get caught up, I wanted to take some of the most common arguments for abortion and debate them with facts and not emotions.
"Every woman has the right to choose what is right for her body" That holds no water. Every woman? If the baby is to be a girl, which is a female(definition of woman), that can be seen at the time of conception. All the genetic markers are there from the time sperm meets egg. So, what about the baby woman's right to choose. Do you think she would choose to die? I doubt it. Humans have a strong survival instinct. If we were to weed out the girl babies and only abort the boy fetuses, then that would be discrimination.
"Abortion is all right in the case of rape or incest." Very emotional issue! As a woman who has been sexually assaulted, I have been there. I didn't get pregnant and very few of the rape/incest cases ever lead to fertilization(less than 1% of all abortions are from these 2 causes). No one really knows why. Maybe it is the stress or trauma. However, putting that kind of heavy responsibility just exacerbates the original issue.
"What if the life of the mother is in danger?" No one know for certain when a woman will die. Abortion procedures often carry as much risk for hemorrhaging as does having the baby. We don't ever hear of women dying due to a botched abortion but it happens and happens as frequently as does a woman dying in childbirth. I just came through a situation where my life was threatened by my baby. How was I to choose who was worth more? Me or the baby? While I came close to seeing Heaven, I am here writing to you now.
"It is my body and I can decide what to do with it." This is the easiest to refute. At the moment of conception, the little life has all it needs to survive, if allowed. Often, it will have a different blood type than the mother and will poison her if the 2 bloods mix. Your body has no control over the baby. It will take what it needs from the mother first which is why vitamins and proper eating are recommended. Its brain waves and heart functions(which appear at around the 4th or 5th week) are on a different pattern from that of the mother's. The DNA is different from hers and that would stand up to any CSI inspection.
I am very passionate about this life issue and the fact that we have murdered enough people who could have been essential to helping save Social Security in America. We cannot call ourselves a nation of morals when only situational ethics apply. What is life in some instances is not in others. What is all right for me is not all right for you. That is hogwash!!!!! Life is a lot more black and white than we want to admit. If we did admit this, then we would see the need for a Savior to cleanse us from all sin. That is what I have done. I have seen the need for Jesus's blood to wash over my dark heart and make it full of light again. I am not perfect and won't be, this side of Heaven. But everyday, I strive to be more like the one who saved me!
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