Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I cannot believe it!

Well, not one year later, we are here at Mission Hospitals again. AJay was unable to breathe well and so they rushed him to the hospital. I was overcome at watching him being put into the ambulance and taken away from me. His blood oxygen saturation levels were in the 60s. They should be in the upper 90s. They have him on oxygen and are watching him carefully. Since he has RSV, that is all that they can do for him. He will recover but it is hard to watch your 11 month old struggle to breathe.
I am having flashbacks upon arriving here. If you don't know, I spent 81 days at the Mission Hilton before finally getting to go home in February 2008. They brought a tray today to eat and I couldn't touch it due to bad memories of 100s of meals served to me during my unfortunate incarceration. I went up to my old room to see some of the nurses who cared for me and I was glad to see them but not glad to see the floor. I admit that I had forgotten how to get there. Ella Raye was a little nervous at coming back here but she was a trooper and came to cheer up her brother along with Isabela and Grandma.
Thanks for all your prayers and the comfort you have brought to me and my family. We should get to come home Friday, I hope!
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