Monday, November 24, 2008

We are "those people"!

Well, I have a confession to make. We are some of "those" people! We put up our Christmas tree last night (11/23/08). Why, you ask? Last year, according to my most recent post, was very difficult for us. I was in the hospital during the Christmas holidays and I was allowed a small tree but no lights. I had to watch my family open Santa gifts through a web cam(for which I am thankful). I told Michael that as soon as we could we were going to put up a tree and decorate it. Surprisingly, he was every bit as excited as I was! We turned on the Christmas music and let the kids put on the ornaments. Most of them ended up on the bottom or under the tree table. They were so excited! I hope that we can keep them under control for a few more weeks. I love my "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. The star(from the $ store our 1st year together)is crooked and none of our ornaments match. We, also, don't do any theme except for the theme of 7' worth of ornaments and lights on a 4' tree. It reflects our family and its traditions. The kids enjoy seeing the ornaments that they have gotten every year and the ones that are special to their parents.
Christmas, this year, isn't just about Baby Jesus and family but it is a symbol for us of life and birth. We have come through something very traumatic and are all the more grateful for the grace and mercy that we have been shown by God.
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