Saturday, November 15, 2008

My son the mop

Scenario: I pick everything up off the floor and sweep all the nooks and crannies. I get out my mop and load up my bucket with Clorox floor cleaner cause I have dirty children. I don't know about you. I mop everywhere. Under the couches. I move the recliner and mop under there. Down the hallway. Everywhere. Finally, satisfied, I rinse my mop out in the sink and make sure it is clean for the next time. I go to sleep and no one walks on the floor during the night. The next morning, I get up and after feeding him, I put my son in his walker. He loves to zoom around the house "chasing" his siblings and his mommy. After a while, I get him out and what do I see? The bottoms of his feet are dirty!!!! How did that happen? The floor was clean this morning when we got up. I cannot understand it. This leads to scenario #2.
I sweep as I did the last time but this time I use my Clorox wet jet cleaner. You know the one with the removable pads? I clean the floor again. Again, I go to sleep. In the a.m., I put the aforementioned child on his belly to crawl around while I tend to the rest of the kids. I pick him up and notice that his belly is dirty(he army crawls). What!!!!? I just cleaned the floor for the 2nd time. I don't get it. What I am going to invent is a baby outfit that can be used as a mop for those times when he is on the floor or in his walker. He seems to find all the hidden dirt so my floor ought to really be clean. Thanks, AJay!
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