Saturday, August 2, 2008

Silent Alarm

Whew! What a week it has been! I have barely had time to breathe! I did however want to impart to you this 1 question. When did someone install a silent alarm in my house? You know on TV when a bank is robbed, the teller presses a button under the counter to call the police? Immediately, a signal is sent to an alarm company and the police get a call. They respond in a quick manner to the emergency beacon.
I think that someone has installed one of those in my home. I can go all morning and the kids are pretty self-sufficient. But, the minute I have to enter the bathroom some sort of alarm beacon is sent out into the house(and mind you it is a frequency only a child can hear). The kids come running down the hall and burst into the bathroom in at least 2s and sometimes 3s with questions that just couldn't wait 5 more minutes until Mommy had washed her hands and straightened her hair. Essential questions like "mommy, remember when we went to the beach last week(last summer) and I couldn't ride the train? I can ride it this year, right?" Is this necessary for the living of daily life? Couldn't it have waited? No, obviously not. I can't remember the last time I went to the restroom alone.
I have searched my bathroom up and down for the location of the sensor but even the techs at the CIA couldn't find it with their "bug" sweepers. It isn't under the toilet seat or under the floor( I have looked) but still a mommy shaped beacon goes out and the kids come running in to pose existential philosophical meaning of life questions. Thank God that the bathroom is considered the thinking room! :)
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