Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We The People

"We the people". What do those words conjure up in your mind? Memorizing the preamble to the constitution? Maybe. History, government, civics classes? Perhaps. Maybe even the Nicholas Cage movie that was so popular. What should it bring to mind? The constitution, our founding fathers, the birth of our country! Has anyone ever noticed that this writing is larger than any other writing on the page? Why do you think that is? Our founding fathers did something that no other country had ever done in the history of the world. They gave the power of our government to God first and then to the people. We are to govern our country through the filter of God's laws. We are to be just and fair and compassionate. I think that most people assume that they have voted and that is all they are responsible for. How disappointed Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin would be in us, today! We elect the same bozos over and over again and never hold them accountable! They go off to Washington and forget about we the people. The only time they remember us is for a photo op during reelection. Did you know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results each time(loose definition)? Why do we do that? The letter behind the person's name, D or R, seems to make no difference. They spend money like it is never going to run out. If we the people ran our household budgets the way that they do, then our homes would be foreclosed on and we would be in so much debt that we would never pay it off. Imagine if I told my husband that I was going to allot some money to build a bridge in our back yard. He would say, "A bridge for what?" We have no canyons or bodies of water in our back yard. I would go to Washington with a sack of red pens(that I bought at the dollar store) and start marking through unneeded items. I would keep doing that until the money we have going out equaled the money we have coming in and maybe some extra coming in for savings, in case, you know, there is some sort of dire need that comes up.
As for the sovereignty of the USA, I would kick the UN out of New York and take back that prime piece of real estate and quit giving them money and letting them usurp our laws. I couldn't care less what Europe is doing or Asia. There is a reason that Europe is on the decline and I don't want to go down the slide behind them. And I don't want socialism or communism as a form of government. There are those running for president who think that we should share our wealth and make wages more fair for everyone. While that sounds nice and all, what is going to happen to all the jobs? With no one having money, who would create jobs? Oh yeah, the government! Has anyone been to the DMV or Social security office? Very friendly and efficient with their $600 staplers and $200 toilet seats and long lines! I want them running my health care and paying my wages(abundant sarcasm).
The people in Washington are beholden to special interest groups and lobbies. What power do they hold? If we the people, 300 million or so of us, should wake up and realize what they are doing, we would storm the capital and stage a revolution, tossing everyone out on their ears and begin again. We the people have become fat and lazy. We are kind of like a bear. We seem fluffy and cuddly but when you encounter a wounded bear or one trying to protect itself, it will tear you to pieces! We the people have been wounded and knocked to the ground. Beware! We are going to rise up and demand some satisfaction from our government. We the people are the most powerful lobby in America. Not tobacco or the environmentalists(don't get me started on energy independence)! If we removed our money from the pockets of the fat cats, they would grovel and come begging! I hope that we the people don't wait too late. To whom much is given, much is required. Much has been given to WE THE PEOPLE!
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