Monday, March 4, 2013

Character....Do You Have Any?

Character can be defined as many things but 2 definitions that stand out are a distinguishing feature or attribute and moral or ethical strength.  My question posed above is answered by everyone is yes!  Everyone on this earth has character.  We are all recognizable by our character.  How do we define what our character is?  How do we know how we appear to others?  That can simply be answered how do we handle adversity?  What do we do with ourselves during hard times?  What is our attitude when life gets tough?

Let's face it!  We all struggle.  Not 1 person leaves this planet without some form of struggle.  Some fight just to live.  Some fight for food.  Some struggle with sanity.  Some struggle with family and or friends.  Struggling is just part of life.  Life is hard!  I think that most people would agree.  What do we do when life gets hard?  Do we throw ourselves down on the floor and pitch a fit, kicking and pounding our feet on the floor?  Do we hold our breath until we turn blue in the face?  Do we bargain or wrestle with God?  Or do we speak to one another with psalms and a song in our hearts that come from the Spirit giving thanks for everything? (my interpretation of Ephesians 5:19-20). EVERYTHING!!!!!  The bad times allow us to grow and mature.  They, also, allow us to more greatly appreciate the good times when life is a little easier.  If we can seek to go through all situations with a positive attitude trying to find the joy in the trials then, we show our true character to those who are watching.  Trust me, the world is watching!

What do they see when they see you?  Do they see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control?  Or do they see a brat who has never matured past an emotional 5 year old who has to have their way or else?  Let's strive to show the world our true character or change so that our character is more attractive to others!
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