Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Theology 101 as Taught By a 4 Year Old

My 4YO son is by far the most curious and inquisitive of all my children.  Yesterday, however, he began to school me on what he believes about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  These are some of his thoughts on things:

Jesus had to be a baby because God had to get born so we could have Christmas.

Jesus growed up to be a big man, like daddy.

Jesus had to get dead cause God was sad.
(me: why was God sad?)

'Cause people were doing bad things and didn't love Him.

(me: what happened after Jesus died?)

He got alive again.
(me: why?)

'Cause He is a super hero but greater and bigger than the Hulk.

(me: Do you do bad things?)

Sometimes but I will do badder things when I get big.

Simple, yet true!  This made me smile and laugh, while at the same time, it made me sad.
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