Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One thing about me(and there were several) that my husband had to get used to when we met was the seeming randomness of my thought process.  His waffle brain(think compartments) couldn't comprehend the spaghetti connections that my brain would make.  He has gotten used to it over the years but understanding it, nah!  Here are some of my examples from today.  Trust me they are all linked somehow in my brain.

I love the Jif brand version of Nutella.  It is better and creamier and oh my goodness can I sit down and eat spoonful after spoonful.  2 flavors: chocolate and mocha cappucino.

This sickness that has plagued me for 2 weeks is no bueno!  I haven't had bronchitis since I quit smoking.  I am still coughing now.  I tried to run but I felt like my lungs were going to come out of me!  Terrible!

People who smoke in public parks annoy me!  Especially at kids' ball games or at the playground.  Really, you can't go an hour or so without one?  You have a problem!  A BIG problem.  Me having bronchitis and having to inhale that is the reason you got the dirty look.  He quit, BTW!

The media bias with the election is over the top!  We can't get 1 honest story from anyone.  Most of the channels favor the big O and Fox favors Romney.  Can't we get some intellectual honesty?  Either people aren't intellectual or they aren't honest.  The media outlets should not win an election for a candidate.  He or she should win it of their own merit.  I pay more attention to The Drudge Report cause at least I can get the news.

The debates should be fun!  Especially the vice presidential debates!  OOOOhhh I can't wait.  What will Biden say next?  He gives me at least 1 good laugh a week.  I am DVRing them.

The Walking Dead season 2 is on Netflix!  Hecks yeah!  We started watching it last night!  I can't wait for season 3!

So there it is!  Randomness.  Good luck figuring out how they are related!

Seriously Shawn

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