Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Craft...Pin This!

For The SITS challenge today, we are to share a craft or recipe.  At this blog, you will not 1 but 2 crafts that are easy to make and cost less than $5 each to make.  Lots of pics and all my steps to completion! 

Craft #1:  Front Door

All the things on Pinterest are about picture frames for your front door.  Well, I was doing this before it was cool(like last spring).  Take a look!

Tie a bunch of raffia on the bottom.

Add Fall flowers.  I found mine at the $ store.  Tie off or use glue gun.

Tie ribbon to top and hang on front door.  I got the ribbon at $ store, too!
Craft #2  Sign

Another rage right now is make signs with building blocks.  My father-in-law made some for the kids.  I took 3 and made them into a craft with some paint and some leaves from the yard(or my neighbors).

Spray painted the blocks white and used wood stain to give this color.

Orange paint pen and my favorite saying and BAM!  Cute craft!

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