Thursday, March 29, 2012

October Baby

Like millions of people, I went to see a very good movie this weekend.  The only difference was that I was alone in the theater.  I went to see the movie October Baby.  This movie was life changing!  I recommend that all of my readers go and see this movie.  It should get an Oscar nod but it won't.
October Baby is a movie about a young girl who finds out she is adopted.  Not only that but she was birthed due to a botched abortion.  Hannah, the main character, goes on a quest to find herself and to find out about her past.  This journey has all the makings of a good road trip, tears, laughter, fun, drama.  I am not gonna ruin it by telling all the details but suffice it to say that she also finds forgiveness and acceptance along the way.
As a post abortive mother, I thought that they told the story in a beautiful, non-condemning way.  I have already healed from my abortion(check out my story here. It is split into 3 stories.) but I did find healing in the telling of her story.  I am so glad that God doesn't stop working on me and He keeps refining and purifying me.
I encourage everyone to go and see this movie!  It is amazing!  You will enjoy it.  It is a Christian movie but it is well directed, acted, and produced.  No B movie here!
Check out Fandango for showtimes and locations!

Please show your love for this movie!  It will change your life but take some tissues!  I am going to see it again!

I just want to add that there were some weird coincidences in this movie.  These had me crying out loud in the theater.  Hannah's bday is October 7, 1991.  She had a twin who died named Jonathon.  I had my abortion in 1991.  I have a daughter now who has the bday of October 7.  My son in Heaven is name John.  Weird, huh?
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