Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday-Update

If you follow my blog regularly, you know the thing that makes my heart rate increase and my blood pressure rise. If you haven't read and are curious, check it out here. I thought that I would show everyone what the after looks like. My blood pressure has been good and the palpitations are only for my hubby ;).

The top drawer. See the kids' stuff in the back?

The drawer that made me hurt just to look at it.

Stuff I am giving to a thrift store. We have multiples of some things so they are gone. I would have given away more but my hubby insists that not all spatulas are equal so being the submissive wife that I am, I left them there.

Anyway, I feel better and as an added bonus, I was able to clean out the crumbs and dog hair from the drawer so we are also more sanitary!
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