Monday, August 29, 2011

12 is the New 16-Repost from 4/26/2006

Ok, so I came as close as I have ever come to telling a mother that she was wrong about her child. However, despite my jaw hitting the table, I kept my proverbial mouth shut. I was out at a birthday party and the kids there were mainly 4-6 years old. While they were playing and wearing themselves out, I sat talking to some other moms. At one point, a young girl sat down next to her mom and I looked over and couldn't help but notice that her shirt was very low cut. I didn't say anything about the almost flash I was getting but I began to talk to her. She proceeded to talk about the hot boy that was helping the younger kids. I, then, asked her how old she was. In between texting her friends, she told me 12. I was surprised! Her dress, her body, and her mouth said something very different. The mom shared with me her struggles with her daughter and how things were so strange nowadays. Then she said something that made me almost spit my water all over her carefully manicured face and hair. She said(and I quote), "Well, you know, 12 is the new 16 these days." I waited a moment hoping that she would say psych or gotcha or something. She was serious! Now, I have heard about 50 being the new 30 and all but this is so different. So, since I didn't say it to her in person, I'll say it now.
Are you high? Have you been smoking something? Are you on crack? First off, your daughter is not a teenager, she is a child. She is 12 and unless you are in one of those crazy cults, she is off limits. Put her boobs back in her shirt and her butt in some longer pants. If any man looks at her dressed like that and lusts after her, you are causing him to stumble. I know that I live in the south but even that is taboo. She is considered to be a child. My question: is 6 the new 10? Should I prep my daughter for dating already? No, that's absurd. By letting her leave the house that way, you are advertising her for sale. There are so many perverts out there who like little girls. You are indirectly telling them that your daughter is not valuable enough for you to protect her. Go ahead take her. AAAAGGGHHHHH! Is there no modicum of decency left anymore? Do we not take pride in leaving something to mystery?
I am so flabbergasted about this but I had to get it out. Put clothes on your children! I may not be able to keep my mouth shut next time!

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