Saturday, August 27, 2011

ABCs of Me

VoiceBoks is having an event so that the bloggers on there can get to know each other better. It is called ABCs of Me. I will try to keep it to a minimum of words(yeah, right). Read to Z and you might learn some things about me that you didn't know!

A-adopted at age 5

B-beautifully made by God

C-Christ follower

D-different because of Christ(just ask those who knew me before meeting HIM)

E-educated despite what people think when they hear that I wait tables

F-firm. I have been working out and have muscles for the 1st time in 37 years!

G-gregarious....I can overwhelm people sometimes!


I-Internet that a word?

J-Jesus freak


L-lover of my husband and kids


N-naps....I love them!

O-out going!

P-passionate about my passions

Q-quick witted

R-raised by grandparents...see "A"

S-sarcastic at times....Southern belle all the time



V-voracious reader

W-witty will be tired being my friend

Z-zonked out...or at least I wish I could most nights before midnight!
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