Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mr. Son, Son, Mr. Golden Son....

When I became pregnant with our 1st child, I just knew we were having a boy! I felt certain pressure(self-inflicted) to have a boy since Michael is the last of his line! We are the annoying types that do not find out the sex of the baby! We derive a lot of pleasure from driving the people around us crazy. No one was allowed to buy pink or baby blue! We were startled to hear the words, "It's a girl!" I countered with, "Are you sure?" You could've knocked me over if I weren't already lying down! So the next baby came along, same story! We wanted a boy. BOOM! Another girl! I have to say that I have the sweetest girls to ever walk this planet! But, no boy!

Nine months go by and being that I am as fertile as the Nile River Valley, I got pregnant again. This time we found out! We were having a boy! We showed the ultrasound picture to anyone and everyone who would look! In utero porn, if you will! When he came out, he whimpered a little and then cried and then when they placed him by my head(c-section not some weird Southern tradition), he calmed down and cooed! I was wrapped! In the recovery room, he lay by my side and nursed with perfection. He didn't cry only grunted! He knew and loved his mama! My girls had already gone to the dark side and began to favor their daddy so I was happy to have this little guy!

I grew up in a time when the prevailing school of thought was that boys & girls were not all that different from one another. If you give a boy a doll, he would just as soon play with that as he would a truck or a ball. Hogwash and poppycock! My boy was all boy from the get-go! He loved a ball! He loved his trucks and was fascinated by anything tractor or dirty. He ate bugs off the floor and explored things that my sweet girls would never have thought about! He found areas of my heart that were, as yet, undiscovered! The baby grew and as he did he was full of fat rolls and chubby cheeks!

He has since outgrown the fat rolls and though the cheeks are hanging on, they are slowly fading into a distant memory! He is still holding my heart in his hand! He is a sweet, obedient child! Sure, he has a speech impediment but can read! He can throw and hit a baseball! He captures the hearts of those people who come close enough to breathe in his zest for life and hunger for adventure! 5 years ago today, my chubby cheekers came unexpectedly early into the world! I wouldn't trade 1 moment of his blond haired, blue-eyed childhood for all the vacations in the Caribbean...wait...let me rethink that...No I stand by the original statement!

I love you, Sum! Happy birthday!
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