Thursday, April 21, 2011

Transparent Thursday

1. I love marshmallow Peeps! I know that they are nothing but sugar but they are so good! I will eat them until I feel nauseous! Recently, they have been made for other holidays but they are not the same. Yummy deliciousness!

2. Dweej from House Unseen, Life Unscripted said in response to the calf raises from last week that she lifts the gallons of milk in the store for a triceps workout. I tried that this week and it is pretty good!

3. OverYonder from Who's Learning? Who's teaching says that she is a mama bear where her family is concerned. You may talk about her(I don't know why you would) but leave her family alone! The claws will come out. Also, like a bear, she likes to nap! Sleep on, sister!

4. I do not celebrate Earth Day! This is a stupid awareness day! There I said it and I feel better! Humans were told to care for the earth and be good stewards and like everything else, we screwed up! That doesn't mean that we have to spend 1 day talking about the polar bears dying(which they aren't, see link), the earth warming(which there is some debate), and the oceans rising or falling! See my post on Friday for more info on this!

5. I have enjoyed my kids being out of town for a few days. While I miss them, I am getting some much needed me time and time with my hubby. This will make things better for all involved!

So what are your confessions? Anything you want to share?
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