Thursday, April 14, 2011

Transparent Thursday

1. I confess I was the woman at the gas station doing calf raises while filling up my minivan. Since it takes hundreds of $$$$ and lots of time, I am simply multitasking. My van is full and my calves are in better shape.

2. I confess that the birds outside my windows DRIVE ME NUTS!!!!! On the days, I want to sleep in they begin to speak to one another and then gather around my bedroom windows. The chirping begins in earnest then. Squeak, squeak, squawk, squawk, cheep, cheep, tweet, tweet. If I had my gun, they would be dinner. Someone call the NRA!

3. I confess that I love a nap. I would rather nap than exercise, read, or clean! 2 hours in my bed is worth so much more in the life of my family!

4. I confess that I am confused! Some people that I thought I could trust, I am finding out that I may not be able to. That hurts! For people to be purposefully hurtful, to me, is a foreign concept. I would never seek to harm someone or ruin their reputation or integrity.

What is you confession? What can you share?
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