Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

So the contest that I am not sure I am entering wants us to write about Halloween past. I cannot hardly remember my Halloweens from my childhood but I do have vague recollections. Flashes of pictures, costumes, houses, weather, etc.
I remember one year I went as a punk rocker and another I went as a gypsy. Both of those were risque at the time. For these days, not so much. I remember walking around my neighborhood and sometimes being driven, if it was raining. I would've done anything for candy! The picture that I am putting on here is from the past year with my kids. We(my hubby and I) don't much like Halloween but we dress up our kids and take them around our huge neighborhood(9 houses) and then to church. They play the games and make some memories and then we come home. No trick or treaters for us. We are glad when it is over! That means thanksgiving is coming soon!

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