Friday, October 29, 2010

Fantastic Friday!

Today is Fantastic Friday! I have been saving this one for a few weeks because I have been out of town.

My first creation was apple sauce. Let the kids go out of town for a few days and I turn into a regular Martha Stewart! I took some apples from a local farm(cull outs) and boiled them in 1 inch of apple juice. Then I pushed them through the meat grinder attachment on my Kitchen Aid. It did the rest. It sorted the pulp from the skin and seeds. What a great machine!!! When it was done, this was the finished product:

The second thing I created was my 1st carved pumpkin that I ever remember carving. I took a star cookie cutter and gently used a mallet to create just the outline of the star. Then, with a knife, I cut out the stars. Some things I learned while doing this:
1) Don't do it too early!!! Gnats and rot will kill it. Too bad I didn't wait!
2) The insides are gross thus reiterating why I don't like pumpkin pie! YUCK!!!!
3) Don't let your husband anywhere near it with his great idea!! He came up the stairs with a board and a HUGE hammer. He then laid the board on the cookie cutter which was sitting on the pumpkin and swung the hammer(did I mention that it was HUGE?). What happened next caused me to shove him out of the way: the pumpkin split almost in half! I was able to put it back together enough to take some pictures and light a candle but that was it! You cannot tell in the photo but the split is there!

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