Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have You Ever Done This?

I have another guest host today. Her name is Anne Galivan from Check her site out! She is fabulous and helpful! She has 19 years experience home schooling!

Hi! Anne Galivan here.
I’d like to tell you a little about myself and encourage you to: peruse my site, read my blog posts, leave comments and ask questions. My purpose here is to help prospective and current home-schoolers find answers to their questions about home education so if you are someone who is considering home-schooling, or you are home-schooling, please let me know how I can help you.

Homeschooling mommies, have you ever done this?

It’s been one of those days. The baby’s having a growth spurt and wants to nurse all day.

Something got spilled – doesn’t matter what it is: sugar, flour, eggs, syrup or honey or juice

(oh my!) - and it took you three hours to get it cleaned up with all the interruptions.

You really wanted to fix a nice, healthy dinner, but after nursing the baby for the fifteenth

time you find it’s 6 pm, nothing’s thawed, and you’re wondering what your husband will

think if you call and ask him to pick up pizza on his way home.

You started some laundry that morning but never got the clothes any further than the

washing machine. Home-schooling that day amounted to your first grader reading a book

to you that you know he/she already had memorized.

I could go on but you get the point…it’s been “one of THOSE days!”

After you feed the kids pizza

accomplished nothing all day. Then you start to think about how many of THOSE days you

actually have. You start to wonder if you’re in some kind of time or energy warp like in a

science fiction movie where everyone else is moving around and accomplishing things and

you are just…stuck. (Or maybe you feel like you’re in your own version of “Groundhog


Sometimes, when I’ve had one of THOSE days, I would do something that I am wondering

if you have ever done. No, I didn’t consume a quart of ice cream (though with all that

nursing it probably wouldn’t have mattered!)

No, what I am talking about is this: sometimes when I would have one of THOSE days,

I would actually sit down and write out what I did that day. I mean EVERY. LITTLE.

THING. And then I would go down the list and put a check mark next to each thing!

Ha! I showed THAT day! I really did accomplish something! I am not in a time warp! I will

not wake up and repeat this day! (Okay, maybe I will…but eventually something different

will happen…I might even fix dinner!)

So has anyone reading this ever done that? Am I the only “Type A” home-schooling mom

who, at least occasionally, needs to see a nice, neat list with a row of check marks next to

it? Anyone?

, get them bathed and into bed, you just feel as if you
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