Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We have been traveling to visit family over the past week. My heart bursts with pride seeing my kids loving on their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-uncles. Not very often do kids get to know greats and great- greats. They were so gentle and so attentive. They got to listen to stories about WWII and ships and gliders. They heard tales of life in a much simpler time. They got to know an uncle that they very rarely see. He got to know them. They loved him and clung to him when he left for Cali. Family is family! What a pleasure to see them with him. I got to hear some stories he told from his travels with the Navy on the USS Kittyhawk and with the government and his job. His beautiful wife is from Thailand and told all of us stories from their about the country, the traveling, and the amount of flying time to get there. We saw gorgeous pictures from Arches National Park in Utah and my daughter got to put her Biblical learning into practices as he told us that the sediment was laid down over millions of years. She whispered to me that we didn't believe that and that it was laid down after the flood. I was so proud of her.
What a great time we had! We might not get to see Michael's granddad again as he is very frail and getting more sickly. Loving on him and playing with him brought him so much joy. I am glad they got to do it. We will come back at Thanksgiving and I hope that he is still here. But if not, the kids and I know that we will see him at the great wedding feast in Heaven!
This may not be my blood family but they are my family, just the same. I love them!
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