Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today, SITS has us blogging on a woman whom we admire most. SITS stands for The Spice is in the Sauce. I am trying to improve my blog and so they are having a week long set of blogs with a central theme. This is sponsored by Standard of Excellence, Westar kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builders Appliances. Check them out!

I would easily write about my mom, who raised 8 kids(2 of whom she birthed), or my mother in law, who raised a son that is a wonderful husband and father. Those would be easy choices. For this particular subject, someone whom I admire a whole bunch, I chose my friend, Kara. She has no idea that I am writing this and I hope that I do her justice. First off , she is a PK. For those who don't know, PK stands for "Preacher's kid." They grow up under the scrutiny of the church's congregation and are held to a standard that other kids aren't supposed to meet. KK, as I will refer to her from here on out, was the typical PK. She participated in the youth group and was raised in the church. She rebelled against her father's teachings, as most kids do. However, since she was held to a higher standard than others, her failures meant that she had a lot farther to fall. At 17, she got pregnant. Disappointment became not merely a word that she talked about but a feeling that she felt. So many people talked about her behind their hands and to her face. For her sake, though, most people didn't know until well into her pregnancy.

KK made peace with her family and her church and gave her all to her unborn child when she was hardly more than a child herself!! When she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, her family was thrilled! This was not what they or she had planned for her life but it is what happened. What a beautiful baby girl!! The 2 grow up together. They grow in the Lord together. KK raises Kat to love the Lord and to not make the same mistakes that she made. For 13 years, KK takes care of Kat with only the support of her parents and siblings. At that point, KK finds the man that God created for her. He adopts Kat and raises her as his own.

Kat has grown into a beautiful, young woman who loves God. She has gone to college on a full scholarship. She is a young woman who is full of integrity and grace.
Why has her mom earned my status as Admiral? KK could've chosen to abort her child. She might have taken the "easy" way out. So many of her peers chose otherwise, including myself. But, she kept her child and nurtured her into a wonderful human being. I can't imagine the hardships KK faced. There were so many! High school graduation, college, dating, spiritual development, and so much more!

So here's to KK! One of my dearest friends. I love her so much and respect her for her choices. The fruits of her labor are evident in her college freshman daughter, Kat. I admire you both so much and count it as a blessing to be your friend!
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