Friday, April 9, 2010

Forgiveness Part 2

"There's no such thing as perfect people. There's no such thing as a perfect life." If those lines by Natalie Grant are true(and they are), then we have all done something to wrong another and most importantly we have wronged God. We are all in need of forgiveness. There is a parable that Jesus told called the Parable of the Creditor and 2 Debtors. I relate to this one the most. You see, in the story, a man lends money to 2 people. One is lent a great deal more than the other. Neither is able to pay it back. The lender forgives both of them of their debts. Jesus then poses the question, "Which of them will love him most?" The answer to that question is the one who has been forgiven much.
We rank sin. Well, I only told a lie but so and so stole from her boss. I only gossiped so and so killed someone. Seems fair, doesn't it? I mean really is someone who gossips the same as someone who murders? In God's holy eyes, yes!!! He doesn't rank sin. In Romans, Paul tells us that envy, murder, strife, gossips, slander, & God-haters are all the same. We all owe Jesus a great debt. All of us! And we should all feel grateful for what He has done for us.
However, in the parable, someone owed much more to the master. In life, there are those of us who have many more grievous sins than some others. Like me, they owe a greater debt to the master. I have realized that fact and have in my heart an immense love for the One who cleansed me and washed me white as snow. I am the debtor who owes the most, kind of like Paul who called himself chief among sinners. I know what I have done and how many of my sins were meted out in the beating and crucification of Jesus Christ. I know that my debt was great. Yet, He forgave every last one, down to the smallest disobedience. Why? Because, He loves me. He wants us to have a relationship and we can't if I smell so stinky that I can't come near Him. I have been washed!!! I can curl up next to Him and sit and relax in His welcoming presence.
Can you? Have you been washed clean and set free from your debt? Are you in love with the One who willing paid your debt?
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