Monday, January 11, 2010

Double standards

We have all known double standards in our lives. Women doing the same jobs for less pay sometimes. Men are supposed to be sexually promiscuous and women are supposed to remain pure(at least that is how it used to be. Now, not so much! I say all should remain pure). What do these both have in common? Unfairness! Why should women have to work twice as hard yet make less or get ahead even less? Why should a woman remain pure when a man does not? Where do they get the women that they defile? This is crazy!
Well, now we have some double standards going on in our government. While this has always been going on, it is getting harder and harder to hide from the general public. Go back with me to when G.W. Bush was president. I know that this might take a while to conjure up in your memory, dig for it. All we heard were the Nancy Pelosis, the Harry Reids, and the Robert Byrds talking about how Bush was making back room deals and not allowing for fair debate from all sides. He was this evil conspirator trying to subvert the will of the American people in favor of "big business." So, what did I see the other day on MSNBC's website? Nothing! But I did see on Fox News and Drudge but that makes me a crazy nut job) how NP, HR, RB and other Congress Democrats were resorting to closed off sessions to resolve the health care bill differences. They were not going to allow cameras, Independents, Republicans, or the people in there to help decide our own fate. Is this not the same thing for which they blasted Bush? According to President Obama's own words, these were going to be open debates so that all could participate. He has since gone back on his word. I guess when he lied, people won't die or, will they? They are making decisions that affect every American right down to those that are currently inutero and some that aren't even conceived. This is so urgent that it must pass now and we will begin to pay for it now but won't see any benefits until 2013(coincidence that this is after the next presidential election?). When I called my Senator, Kay Hagan, and told her that I wanted nothing to do with this bill, her aide told me that no matter how many people called even up to 70% and agreed with me, she would not change her mind!!! WHAT?????????? Forgive me for yelling. I am so appalled by this! Congress, let's open this up to real debate and let the American people have say so in health care that affects them. You have health care that we already pay for that is better than we will ever get. You won't even use this! STOP trying to ruin our country!
The second double standard that I have seen recently is this whole Harry Reid thing. He is allowed to make a statement talking about someone's "Negro dialect" and he gets away with it!!! Is that the biggest bunch of nonsense you have ever heard? If one of us said something like that, we'd be taken behind the wood shed to have our butts kicked! Ever heard of Trent Lott? He was taken to task and eventually forced to resign over a more benign comment than this. Why is Reid not gone already? Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? They are notoriously silent on this one. Had this been a white, Southern Republican they would have been on the first news shows this morning calling for a resignation and destroying that person's career. Instead, you have people like MediaMatters saying how the 2 comments can't even be compared! Again, WHAT???????? Why don't you show yourself for what you really are? A mainstream, conservative hating, race baiting, pot-stewing mouth piece for progressivism and liberalism!!!! We all know that any white person from south has to be a racist and yes, that includes all you Yankees that move down here as well. You cannot be trusted for coming below the Mason Dixon line.
You can say all you want that his comments weren't racially motivated but you would be lying and the American people are on to you! Good luck getting elected the next time you run you phony, power hungry, lying sack of dog poo! We all know that he won't step down cause then the health care bill would be put in jeopardy and the Senate would lose its 60-40 Democrat majority! Gone are the days when we do something because it is the right thing to do. Now, we just do things to advance our own agendas!
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