Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I know, I know, you know how I feel about global warming and the whooo ha that goes along with the subject. If you don't, then let me tell you, I believe that the earth goes in cycles of heat and cooling. I know that man doesn't take care of the earth that God gave him to nurture. We don't clean up after ourselves and put toxicity out there. That being said, I think that the biggest contributor to the climate change is the great, big yellowish-orange ball in the sky we commonly refer to as the sun. It goes through stages as well. Hot sunspots and flares and not so hot stuff. We have just been through a stage of extremely hot flares and sunspots. Unless I have missed the news, man is not on the sun so therefore cannot be responsible for those things. The heat from these influence weather patterns and temperatures. Back in 1973, a consensus of scientists said that by 1996 the earth would be in a freezing state due to the drastic drop in temps. They stated that the best thing to do would to drop ashes on the polar ice caps and melt them. Google Newsweek for this info as it obviously is a back issue. Now, they say that the ice caps are melting so fast that we will all likely be under water if we do not hurry up. If we had hurried and put ashes on the North Pole, then what would have happened? Who knows? But, they didn't so I guess we'll never know. Maybe we would've been under water already. Why hurry now? Let's hear from all scientists and not shut them down if they agree with Al Gore. This dissenters are being ostracized by their scientific communities and labeled as haters and dummies.
I think that we should recycle and reuse(I am fond of regifting). I think that we should try to preserve life that is going extinct. If we need to use wind power, it should be just one option in our arsenal of ideas. How about nuclear or coal? After all, we are Saudi Arabia when it comes to coal. I am in favor of taking care of the creation and worshiping the Creator. I don't need to worship the creation and completely ignore the One who created it. So this earth day, let's learn a Bible verse...
Genesis 1:1 On the first day, God created the Heavens and the earth.
Don't forget!
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