Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bloody Tuesday

WOW! I didn't realize what significance Tuesday had until just now. My husband and I decided to give blood at an American Red Cross blood drive held at 1st Pres here in town. This was the same blood drive that they held for me last year. I was excited to give back but, I have to admit that I was nervous. I arrived there and the ladies that were doing the sign in said, "aren't you the lady who had the baby?" They remembered me. I couldn't believe it. They treated me as if I were the queen giving blood. They wanted to see pictures of the baby and pictures were proudly passed around. I shared with them that after losing so much blood last year, I was hesitant to lose more on purpose. But, I bravely sat in the chair and while the woman stuck the needle in me, my 6 year old daughter watched.
None of this is the significance that I have been talking about, though. Just that today is the day that Christ shed His blood for me(good Friday). As mine flowed through the tube into the bag, I was reminded that Christ's flowed down the cross and pooled onto the ground. His was the ultimate sacrifice. Mine was but a small one. My needle was small but the spikes that pierced His wrists were huge. The pain for me was but for a moment. Christ endured much suffering, as was prophesied, so that by His wounds, I am healed.
The women remembered me from a year ago. I have not made a large impact on the world. Christ has been remembered for centuries. It started with the women on that resurrection morning remembering and continued through millenia with us remembering what He did for us. He was God yet He was man. Why did He leave Heaven and come to live among us, a fallen world? This would be one of the great mysteries in life. May we today contemplate the pain, humiliation, loneliness, and loss that Christ felt and in sober reflection, think about the sacrifice.
However, that is not the end of the story...............TO BE CONTINUED.......
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