Thursday, December 11, 2008

9 years

Today, December 11, I have been married to my wonderful husband, Michael, for 9 years! We have had an exciting ride with many ups and downs! Our first year of marriage was so tough because of some issues that I had to take care of. But, we came through it, stronger. Last year was difficult for our entire family yet perseverance brings character and character brings hope. And hope is what we need to get through the tough times. I am glad that Michael and I find our hope in Jesus Christ and not in each other or any other person.
My hubs loves to rank stuff i.e. "this is in the top 5 showers of all time", etc. So in that spirit, I am going to publish a top ten list that I have compiled of the reasons I love him. If you haven't tried this with your spouse, this is a great exercise. We can often be quick to list their faults but can we remember why we fell in love with them? I respect my husband so much, so limiting myself to 10 great qualities was hard but I managed! Feel free to steal this idea at any time!

10. He is good looking!
9. He is smart!
8. He is helpful!
7. He is a hardworker!
6. He is sweet!
5. He is patient!
4. He is loving!
3. He is a great dad!
2. He is supportive!
1. He is Godly!

I love you my sweet, handsome, patient husband. I have been privileged to be your wife and look forward to many more years together!
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