Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy things we do

I want to pose this question: What is the craziest thing that you have done due to lack of sleep? Most of the people who read this have kids and get little precious sleep due to those tiny critters. You may remember your first child and the shock it was to not sleep through the night. I can remember those 1st few months when Isabela came. Oh my word!!! What a shock to the system! I had done some things in college that kept me up all night but I almost always got to sleep in to make up for it. Not with kids, no sir!! Then, the 2nd came and Ella needed to eat every 2 hours for 8 months and she wouldn't take a bottle. No help from the hubby! Grainy eyes! I had LASIK surgery when she was 7 months old they gave me some drugs for the surgery and I enjoyed the 16 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I don't know what she did during that time and I didn't care(to be honest)! She is alive so what does not kill us makes us stronger! As I am dealing with my last infant and him not sleeping through the night, I got to thinking how fun it would be to share some stories. So here's mine:
When Bela was little, she got a cold and so did I. I took her to the doctor(she was the 1st. Now, they have to be bleeding from the eyes to go to the doc) and they gave her some meds for coughing. I was taking some over-the-counter meds for my cold(Robitussin or something) and I got into a coughing fit during the night. I shuffled into the kitchen without turning on the light because we lived in Savannah and the "Palmetto bugs" (ok, roaches) came out at night. I didn't want to deal with seeing the creepy crawlies. I went to the counter and took my medicine. I had taken it the day prior so I knew how much to take and I did it without reading the label. What I didn't know was that I was taking Isabela's medicine with codeine and I had taken almost 2x the recommended dosage! I slept good and hard for the next 12 hours or so. Michael couldn't wake me and when he saw the lid not quite screwed on correctly(which I am known for), he knew what had happened. I got good sleep and didn't cough for hours! Sure could use some now! Tee, hee! Share your stories under the comment section. I know that I am not the only 1 out there who had done this. Sweet dreams!
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